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Cloud pricing report 2021

Get the report to compare cloud pricing across leading public and private cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare and OpenStack

Estimating and comparing cloud pricing between public and private clouds has always been challenging. While leading public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google, maintain the official pricing for their cloud services in a form of cost-per-resource metrics, resembling the same in the private cloud space is not trivial. As a result, the most effective way to compare costs between public and private clouds is to estimate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the workloads and use it as a subject of the comparison.

In the following report we present:

  • Reference AWS pricing for the EC2 service and the AWS pricing calculator
  • Reference Azure pricing for Azure Virtual Machines and the Azure pricing calculator
  • Reference Google Cloud pricing for the Compute Engine service and the Google Cloud pricing calculator
  • Reference VMware pricing for the vRealize platform and the VMware pricing calculator
  • Reference Red Hat pricing for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Reference Canonical pricing for the Charmed OpenStack platform and the OpenStack pricing calculator
  • Sample cost scenarios for leading public and private cloud platforms with TCO estimates
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