Ctrlproxy - Comparison

This list was based on the feature lists from dircproxy, ctrlproxy and other bouncers.

Feature Ctrlproxy Dircproxy Ezbounce Psybnc
Runs on console YesYesYesYes
Runs as a daemon YesYesYesYes
Runs from inetd YesYesNoNo
Able to proxy many simultaneous users and IRC connections YesYesYesYes
Can use IRC server password to authenticate YesYesNoYes
Can connect to servers that require password YesYesNoYes
Completely non-blocking throughout YesYesNoNo
Can have list of servers to connect to for a network, and cycle thru it YesYesNoYes
Can throttle data sent to server to ensure you are never flooded off YesYesNoYes
Remains connected after client disconnects YesYesYesYes
Reconnects to servers if connection is dropped YesYesNoYes
Can automatically join channels when connecting to network YesYesNoYes
Can leave channels when you detach and rejoin when you come back. 3.1YesNoYes
Can bind to any IP on your host. YesYesNoYes
Can change what username is presented on IRC without affecting other users its proxying for. YesYesNoYes
Can send a message to all channels to indicate when you detach and reattach. 3.0.1YesNoNo
Can change your nickname when you detach. YesYesYesYes
Sets you /AWAY when you detach, if you forget to do so. YesYesNoYes
Fully configurable logging support so when you reattach you can see what you missed. YesYesYesYes
Log text recalled to your client is sent so your client sees it as ordinary IRC text. YesYesYesYes
Can timestamp text in log files so you know when it was sent, also can adjust the timestamp you see depending on how long ago it was sent. YesYesNoNo
Can make permanent log files for your own use of everything on channels or all private messages.YesYesNoYes
Can pass log text to a program of your choice (to send you an SMS for example).3.1YesNoNo
Can adjust log timestamps depending on timezone difference between you and the proxy.NoYesNoNo
Can proxy DCC chat and sends through itself.3.1YesYesYes
Can capture DCC sends and store them on the proxy machine while you're detached, and even while you're attached.3.2YesNoYes
Captured DCC sends can be made subject to a size limit and have the sender's nickname included in the filename.3.2YesNoNo
Can tunnel DCC sends and chats through ssh tunnels. 3.2YesNoNo
Customisable message of the day.YesYesYesYes
command interface for users to do extra things with the proxy.YesYesNoYes
Host and password based security.YesYesNoYes
Easy to configure and get running.YesYesNoYes
NickServ supportYesNoNoNo
Binding to a local ip adressYesNoNoNo
SSL Support (client mode and server mode)YesNoYesYes
Complete runtime configurationYesNoNoYes
Python scripting support (optional)3.1NoNoNo
Easily extendable (thru plugins system)YesNoNoYes
CTCP Support when no client is connectedYesYesNoYes
Customizable log formatYesNoYesNo
Support for multiple clients connected to one server thru one processYesNoNoYes
Direct interfacing with inetd-style local IRC servers (such as bitlbee)YesNoNoNo
Responses to queries are only sent to the client that sent the queryYesNoNoNo
Backlogs on demandYesNoNoYes
GUI configurationSoonNoNoYes
Runs on windowsSoon(3.1)NoNoNo
IPv6 supportYesNoYesYes
Can auto-op other usersNoNoNoYes
Can 'merge' two or more networks together, so the client only has to connect once.3.2NoNoNo
SOCKS server supportYesNoNoNo

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