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Bring Ubuntu to your

Ubuntu Desktop combines enterprise-grade support, security
and functionality with the best of open source.

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All essentials built-in

Reliable Release Cycles

Every two years, Canonical publishes a new long-term support (LTS) release of Ubuntu OS. Regular security fixes and other critical updates are provided free of charge for 5 years. Support is extended to 10 years for Ubuntu Advantage customers.

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Certified Hardware

Ubuntu Desktop is certified across a wide range of laptops, desktops, and workstations, including the HP Z series and Dell XPS and Precision lines. Enjoy full control over your firmware, in a safe environment, tested by millions.

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Ubuntu Desktop is built using the most robust security features, including LUKS and LVM tools for disk encryption as well as AppArmor for applications authorization management. Ubuntu Advantage customers can also access automation for hardening and compliance profiles.

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Fully Manageable

Simplify integration with your existing estate. Ubuntu OS integrates with existing Active Directory domains and includes group policies by default.

Canonical's Landscape management tool allows for monitoring, patching and compliance reporting at scale.

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Professional Support from Canonical

Get 24x7 support with Ubuntu Advantage Desktop. Includes 10 years of security patching, access to Landscape, advanced Active Directory policies as well as compliance certification and hardening.

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Ubuntu desktop is fully translated into over 100 languages and conforms to the Revised 508 Standards for IT accessibility.

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Seamless operations on your choice of hardware

To offer the best performance on Ubuntu, manufacturers are pre-loading devices with an Ubuntu certified image. Canonical is committed to working closely with the world's leading manufacturers to optimise and certify Ubuntu on their laptops and PCs.

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Ubuntu delivers the best of open source

Drive innovation in high-growth areas such as data science and machine learning with support for the latest libraries and apps in addition to critical workflow tools like Multipass, Juju, LXD, MicroK8s.

Ubuntu for Data Science

Develop AI models on high-end Ubuntu workstations. Train on racks of bare-metal or public clouds with hardware acceleration. Deploy to cloud, edge and IoT. All on Ubuntu.

How Ubuntu enables AI innovation

Developers and data science teams use the Ubuntu platform to support their most important work. Our collaboration with Canonical enables industry innovators to get AI-powered insights from their data faster.

Manuvir Das — NVIDIA, Head of Enterprise Computing

Write once and deploy anywhere

Using Ubuntu Desktop provides a common platform for development, test, and production environments.

Ubuntu in the cloud

Canonical fully supports public clouds and provides its own solutions for private cloud implementation and management, as well as workload orchestration in hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

Ubuntu on cloud

Private vs public cloud

Easily manage your IT estate


Lower the complexity and cost of running a Linux desktop estate using Landscape, Canonical's systems integrating Ubuntu Desktop with Active Directory management tool for monitoring, managing, patching and compliance reporting on all your Ubuntu desktops. Included in an Ubuntu Advantage Desktop subscription.

Learn more about Landscape ›

Active Directory

Integrating Ubuntu Desktop into an existing Active Directory architecture can be an automated and effortless process when using System Security Services Daemon (SSSD). GPO is available by default to manage desktop settings and Ubuntu Advantage users receive access to additional Active Directory policies like remote script execution and privilege management.

Integrating Ubuntu Desktop with Active Directory ›

ADSys documentation ›

Enterprise-grade support with Ubuntu Advantage

Ubuntu Advantage Desktop is a single, per-seat package delivering comprehensive enterprise security, management tooling, and extended support for your Ubuntu Desktop fleet.

Enterprise-grade security

Receive 10 years of security patches and updates for Ubuntu LTS releases with Extended Security Maintenance (ESM). Minimise downtime with Kernel Livepatch.

Landscape Fleet Management

Software updates, configuration management, policy compliance, and permission control for your entire physical and virtual fleet. Landscape is easy to use and smoothly integrates with any other tooling through a robust API.

Advanced Active Directory Policies

Increase your management capabilities with support for remote script execution and privilege management.

Compliance, certification and hardening

FIPS 140-2 certified modules, CIS hardening and Common Criteria EAL2 certification available.

Desktop apps support

Full-stack support for desktop specific open source apps including MySQL, Apache, NodeJS and MongoDB.

24/7 Support

Direct 24/7 access to our world-class enterprise open source support team through our web portal, knowledge base or via phone.

Details and Pricing

  Ubuntu Advantage Desktop

Ubuntu Advantage Desktop

Standard Support

Ubuntu Advantage Desktop

Advanced Support

Cost per seat per year $25 $150 $300
Phone and ticket support 24x5 24x7
Fleet monitoring, management, and automation via Landscape
Advanced Active Directory Policies (including remote script execution and privilege management)
10 years of security patching
Kernel Livepatch to minimise downtime
FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified crypto modules
CIS Benchmark
Common Criteria /EAL2

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